Cellular Optimization

Mobile Broadband is available through 3G/UMTS and 4G/LTE cellular networks. 5G is on the horizon.

In an ideal world cellular network coverage is everywhere. However there are enough locations where the network coverage is far from good, not to say varying from worse to literally non existent. There is a simple explanation for this phenomenon. Cellular networks have been deployed along highways, roads and cities and villages. Living in the country, remote areas, nature parks, nearby lakes etc. will often be a challenge in terms of cellular network coverage.

Mobile operators will only install extra cell towers when there is a ‘market’ for the required investment. As such there is an emerging market for cellular optimization. Digital Deal has helped to develop the first UMTS amplifier + combiner for aggregating cellular routers like Viprinet and AirBridge.

Since than many have been deployed with our customers like fireguard, police, marine industry etc. And none has ever been returned, The product has proven itself under the most stringent circumstances, in different applications. It eliminates white spots, extends reach to cellular towers and results in higher bandwidths and lower latencies in mobile broadband links.

Since early 2015 we have introduced the LTE amplifier + combiner, offering a 4-in-1 multi-band MiMo amplifier product. It supports 800, 900, 1800, 2100 & 2600 MHz bands (band 20, 8, 3 ,1 & 7). All our customers are extremely happy with the product. It extends reach over land by a factor 2, over water (lake, sea) it extends reach to a factor 4. With this product LTE reach is extended to about 30-35 km from the coastline. This is about 80% of the ship movements at sea, and offers a serious reduction of communications operations costs compared with satellite. We have customers that operate Citrix workstations from ships via our solution!

From this cellular amplifier technology our partner, the manufacturer, has erected a cellular repeater business that enabled them to focus entirely on active cellular products and has grown their business substantially. As such Digital Deal can offer proven and solid solutions to improve cellular coverage inside buildings, ships and such where necessary. Completely invisible by the operators, non disrupting their operations, complying to any european regulations and resulting in well operating solutions. None ever returned, no complaints, no defects. The products help the cellular operators to overcome their imperfections in coverage.

Cellular Repeaters