Cellular Repeaters

Cellular Repeaters are used to improve inhouse cellular signals. Due to different factors the cellular signal quality can be depreciated inhouse or inside a building.

Mobile operators offer Femto-Cell based solutions for this. The major disadvantage is that the cheaper solutions only work for this specific operator and a limited physical area.  Visitors at your location with a different mobile subscription will not benefit from this operator specific solution. In our opinion this is a quite limited solution, costing a lot. To achieve coverage that supports multiple mobile network operators pricing rises significantly.

Therefore we have focused on solutions, cellular repeaters, that support all operators and don’t cause interference with both the operators and off-band services. Also the products have to add real value to the signal quality by adjusting dynamically the signal strengths inside the building and outside to the cell-tower. There are legal limits to which the products have to comply, based on industry standards and international telecommunications regulations.

SMB solution

Enterprise solution

Ship solution

Car/Truck solution

Recently we have added a ‘free field repeater product’ which can be a real game changer for many applications. Remote areas fail a good signal quality. With this product remote areas are offered a better signal quality by redistributing the received signal of multiple carriers and v.v. send the signal from the remote area subscribers to the cell towers that are otherwise too far away to maintain a connection.

Camping site / Remote locations

When very weak signals need to be used in a repeater setup there is a dedicated pre-amplifier available to do a clean boost of these weak signals in such a way that the repeater (or combiner amplifier) can make use of these. This pre-amplifier requires to be installed as close as possible with the outdoor antenna. Therefore a means to supply DC power over the antenna coax cable needs to be installed as well.

Another reason to make use of the pre-amplifier is when there is a very large distance between the external antenna and the input port of the repeater or combiner amplifier.


The last product that might be of interest for special situations is the Big Boost product. This product is meant for applications in open air situations where the ‘internal antenna’ side needs to be repeated outside of buildings to feed an specific area that cannot be served by any mobile network operator. Imagine for instance the need for a good working cellular signal behind a hill or mountain, or even a high building/construction or deep in a valley or mining quarry. These are all situations where there is a lot of cellular signal ‘shadow’ and the direct area (1-2 km) behind these objects is lacking serious signal strength which leaves the cellular equipment virtually useless. Here comes the Big Boost solution at help.

Big Boost