Digital Deal offers connectivity solutions, with a strong focus on wireless, reliability and security.

Digital Deal has developed, together with her national and international partners, a professional mobile broadband router that enables very long range connectivity with extreme stability and availability. This product is marketed under the Passari brand name.

This solution is adapted for data volume hungry mobile applications, like Public Safety (Police, Fireguard, Video Surveillance), Broadcasting, Narrowcasting, Shipping industry, Railways and Busses/Coaches. Actually anything where bandwidth needs to be available. Mobile, reliable, moving (in motion or static) and secure. (Not particularly in this order).

The advantages for customers are extreme high availability, best possible connectivity and datarates at any location. This, together with a very easy deployment -in minutes- and full remote support & management, will result in low operational costs combined with the highest possible uptimes.

Low Latencies, High Bandwidths results in a fixed line experience over a mobile infrastructure.

Digital Deal offers house / hotel / office / ship cellular repeater solutions based on a DAS configuration throughout the object. Many installations have proven the reliability and quality of these products of Stella Doradus.

Together with Stella Doradus we have developed the combiner amplifier that we also offer through the Passari router brand. This will extend the reach of cellular routers significantly to -depending on the used frequency band- up to 75 km from the coastline as proven by our seagoing customers.

Additionally Digital Deal can offer intelligent SIM connectivity based on advanced roaming offerings and also the newest eSIM technology can be offered by Digital Deal.

You have already understood that optimizing and making smart use of wireless technology is in our DNA. As such we can offer you a new brand of an AI based WiFi meshing solution. The product is about to be introduced in the worldwide market and through a combined intelligent cloud-local setup it can advise you to overcome coverage weak spots at home or office. Also it will learn your network traffic and automatically optimize based on your service requirements.

When watching IPTV obviously this is an important streaming signal and needs to be safeguarded both in bandwidth as in latency. This product will do this automatically for you. Not just with IPTV but with any important service based on your networking behaviour. VPN’s, streaming, gaming. Name it. All optimization, based on the inbuild AI, will happen automatically.

It, ofcourse, uses these ‘brains’ as well for optimizing the internal and external security. Unethical attempts to penetrate your network and/or devices will be prevented. It will learn the character of these attempts and optimize the prevention even further to disencourage any assault.

Be assured that Digital Deal is always on the forefront of IT technology and as such can guide you towards the best of breed solutions and services required to run a successful and cost effective IT organisation.