Digital Deal offers connectivity solutions, with a strong focus on wireless, reliability and security.

Digital Deal has developed, together with her national and international partners, a professional mobile broadband router that enables very long range connectivity with extreme stability and availability.

This solution is adapted for data volume hungry mobile applications, like Public Safety (Police, Fireguard, Video Surveillance), Broadcasting, Narrowcasting, Shipping industry, Railways and Busses/Coaches. Actually anything where bandwidth needs to be available. Mobile, reliable, moving (in motion or static) and secure. (Not particularly in this order).

The advantages for customers are extreme high availability, best possible connectivity and datarates at any location. This, together with a very easy deployment -in minutes- and full remote support & management, will result in low operational costs combined with the highest possible uptimes.

Low Latencies, High Bandwidths results in a fixed line experience over a mobile infrastructure.