Private LTE

We all know about LTE provided by the network operators. Private LTE is making use of cellular LTE technology where WiFi cannot do. There are several areas that Private LTE apply to:

  • Nano / Femto Cells to optimize the inhouse coverage of a specific mobile network operator.
  • Work in free frequency (sub-) bands to provide cellular technology to achieve larger reach and much better cell roaming compared to WiFi.
  • Provide Cellular coverage for voice and data in areas which are not covered by mobile network operators.

Each objective has its own merits and projects require professional support to achieve the expected goals. Private LTE is never an off-the-shelf solution. But it is a nice technological opportunity to achieve goals that cannot be realized with more traditional tools.

Also it is important to know very well about the country specific opportunities in terms of regulations and used frequency space in given bands. Applying Private LTE is technological challenging but the gains can be tremendous with the right approach.