Passari 6-band cellular combiner (4-1) amplifier EU

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The Passari 6 band cellular MiMo combiner amplifier EU is a 1U 19″ rack mountable product that has proven itself in numerous installations to deliver outstanding performance in terms of extending cellular reach up to 6 to 10x over seas and still maintaining high bandwidths and producing low latencies.

Absolutely impossible to be achieved in a passive way, even with fine antennas and superb cabling. This is the 6th incarnation of the same product starting with a 1 band 3G (2100 Mhz) combiner amplifier.

This 6th incarnation has introduced major enhancements like support for the upcoming 700 MHz band, which will be the first utilized -EU wide- 5G band. Also a remote management -cloud based- system is introduced which allows the customers to have access to the combiner amps from anywhere, at any time.

SNMP reading will be supported at about 6 months, after a firmware upgrade, from today (late november 2020).

As long if there is a LAN connection to the Internet, either via the cellular router behind this combiner amp or via other means like satellite, wifi or direct connection, this combiner amp can be reached by this cloud based system and report live status.

The firmware of the combiner amplifier can be upgraded through the diagnostic port and remotely from the cloud based portal. Mobile Operators will upgrade the software at their base stations (cell towers) continuously. This may require at a certain moment that the firmware of the combiner amp may need being upgraded.

The 5″ local touchdisplay enables local management, during installation and operation. All that can be set locally can be managed as well remotely. Also it will be possible to restrict access to the local touchdisplay from remote.

The last change to the previous version combiner amplifier is the fact it is now available in a 19″ rack housing. Since most multi-modem cellular routers are offered in a 19″ housing as well it is most convenenient that this will suite the needs of professional customers.

These 4 major upgrades to the 5th incarnation of this combiner amplifier have -obviously- raised the price of the product seriously. But still we know the product itself is excellent value for money.

Why? None of all the previously sold cellular combiner amplifiers have ever failed their customers. Never any customer has been inquired by regulatory organisations about performing non-legal cellular activity! So 100% of the combiner amplifier customers have been capable to achieve the above promised cellular optimizing results without every being afraid to be doing something illegal.  It just performs! Years after each other without any failure, in any way!

Truly an outstanding performance…

front view of 6 band cellular MiMo combiner amplifier EU with 10″ touch display inside slider

rear view with all coaxcable connections, 4x to internal MiMo cellular modems & 2x to external antenna. There is also a LAN Eth. connector enabling remote management and control. Notice both (left- & rightside) 19″ rack rear mounting to support the weight of all the coax cabling. in the middle there is a central ground attachment, securing for lighting strikes.


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Dimensions 51.5 × 48.3 × 4.5 cm


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