In here you will find unique cellular products for improving your cellular connectivity both outside as inside offices, industry buildings, ships, anything you can imagine.

When your router cannot reach remote cell towers our combiner amplifier is the product you are looking for. Combining multiple cellular (MiMo) modems to a maximum of 4 into one amplifier product offers you an extraordinary extension of cellular reach. This will close connectivity gaps you might experience at remote locations or will extend cellular reach over water way beyond the horizon. At sea we have experienced ranges up to 80 km!

The cellular repeater equipment will remove deadspots from any building and it even manages to offer inside ships quality cellular connectivity when far away from the coastline.

Through the cascaded wiring scheme a Distributed Antenna System is made available inside any building or ship. As such all inside antennas produce the exact same signal offering an homogeneous cellular signal level that allows for smooth internal roaming and freedom of movement, like you are used to outside.

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