WAN Aggregation

WAN Aggregation is the technology that wraps multiple WAN connections into one faster and more reliable WAN link.

WAN Aggregation is distinctively different from WAN Load Balancing, due to the fact that an aggregated link is used to transport a data packet over any available link without any preference. With load balancing data packets are directed, based on preferences, over specific links. As such a load balancing router has multiple independent WAN links and can operate solely. Aggregated links always needs an opposite device (on the other side of the internet) to reassemble the fragmented packets stream over the multiple links into one data stream that resembles the sent data stream from the originating side.

Digital Deal has been on the forefront of the development of the market of socalled ‘bonding routers’ in the Benelux area about 10 years ago. Where the objective was to improve the bandwidth and reliability of low-cost ADSL internet links, to our surprise the mobile broadband market was in much higher demand of higher bandwidth and reliability.

As such many fireguards and some national police projects were succesfully implemented, based on this technology. At that time UMTS was the best available mobile broadband technology, soon to be upgraded to HSPA and HSPA+ drastically improving bandwidths.

Still there are many applications that need both bandwidth AND reliability in mobile cellular environments where a single HSPA+ link will not suffice. Now we live in the 4G / LTE era and 5G just around the corner, but still a single link cannot ever provide the reliability professional applications require.


3 WAN links are working in Bonding mode. Than one of these is failing. Still all services are working, seamless. No interrupt is sensed by any user or process. See the thinner green circled arrow representing lesser bandwidth due to the failing WAN link.

For these markets and customers we offer our Multi-WAN Aggregating Router: Passari.

Passari focusses entirely on specific markets, such as marine applications, (public) transport, video and remote office applications. The strength of the Passari product is the extremely simple deployment. Plug in your SIM’s and the internet connection will become available, ofcourse through the Passari concentrator, inside your datacenter, at the other side of the internet. You will have the router at the distant location up and running in minutes, no necessity for highly qualified staff. As soon as the product is connected with only one mobile link to the internet this link can be picked up and all the configuration can be done remotely. The other mobile links will follow anyway and extend the bandwidth and reliability.

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