Wireless LAN or WiFi has taken the IT market by a storm. Due to miniaturization of computers into Laptops, Notebooks, PDA’s, Tablets and Smartphones freedom of movement has become an important issue.

This has extended to other markets because of the need to be on-line everywhere. Not just during business hours but also in leisure. End users look for freedom of choice, in this case -literally- with no strings attached. Wireless networks have matured from slow, small reach, very local networks into a professional network technology being deployed in buildings offering high speeds and sophisticated security. And even outdoors as low-cost backhauls, as either an alternative to carrier offered fixed line solutions or the only option to maintain network connectivity in remote and/or public areas.

All IT aspects that matter come strongly forward in WLAN networks, like; security, congestion, single point of failure, segmentation, etc.. But also new technological aspects are added like common telecommunications concepts as signal quality, coverage area, antenna design, etc.. And larger WLAN networks require sophisticated management to monitor and control performance.

There are many products in the market. All having their own strengths and as such specific markets. Deployment of these products has become a specialized job, limiting companies in offering the best solution to customers. It will be often the favourite product offered by that IT company. Favourite based on what?

Digital Deal works with many products, even tailor made solutions based on specific wishes of customers. The customer is always in control. The goal is the best solution for the lowest costs. You will find Digital Deal on your side of the table, not the other side.