Being always involved with the newest IT and Telecommunications technologies has brought us a wide and deep knowledge of what is going around in the ITC market. Focussing on a specific niche makes us an experienced supplier of the products in this segment. We partner with specialized suppliers/manufacturers to be able to offer the best of breed products and solutions.

Connectivity everywhere in a secure and economic way is what we offer. With full control over every component, independent of small or large deployments.

Reliable cellular connections require control over the router, the provider and the signal conditions. This is all in our portfolio. Either all or just one combination of these three, we can offer you the best of breed products.

Partnering with our customers, offering solutions instead of products, that is where we stand apart in this market.

Development of our own products assures our customers to have tailormade solutions specific for their cases.

Products | Solutions

Digital Deal represents the Passari brand of highly advanced MultiWAN routers, enabling reliable and secure cellular and/or fixed communications anywhere in the world. Ofcourse we offer other brands/manufacturers on demand as well.

Also we represent the Stella Doradus cellular repeaters and line amplifiers which enable inhouse cellular optimization.

Stella Doradus cellular combiner amplifiers are designed to increase the cellular uplink signal to cell towers enabling better signals to arrive at cell towers over a much larger distance resulting in a higher overall bandwidth (up and down) and a much lower latency up to 50% of a non-amplified signal. Reduction of external cellular antennas, because of the usage of the combiner amps, will greatly reduce installation costs which often equal or even more the acquisition costs of these cellular combiner amplifiers. So a better cellular performance at -sometimes- lower costs is a no-brainer, isn’t it?

Digital Deal can offer worldwide operating SIM cards for professional usage at competitive pricing. Supporting 4G/5G, multiple operators per country, roaming and high speed internet connectivity to the backend, these SIM cards address requirements even for the largest deployments.

Clear to understand that we can help you fulfill many challenges in your IT WAN environment, especially when it comes to anything ‘non-standard’.